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Instructional Leadership
Promethean Handouts
Technology Trainers in Residence

  • This information page can be accessed to provide prodectivity and educational resources for your iPAD.
  • This course is designed to assist educators in the basic setup and use of Learner Response Systems (LRS)
  • In this technological society, the goal of today’s teachers must be to facilitate technology-enhanced experiences that address the learning styles of the 21st Century student. The world-wide web offers an unlimited arena of free resources and Web 2.0 tools for communication, development and implementation of engaging lessons and activities. With so many resources and so little time it is important that these resources are properly identified. This course will help you identify and manage these resources for affective curriculum integration.

  • This course provides in-depth information about the structure and use of Destination Learning Management System.

    • Create custom assignments for individuals, groups, or an entire class
    • Create and administrer diagnostic tests, using either pre-defined tests or randomly generated tests from hundreds of available questions
    • Generate conprehensive, detailed, and individual tracking and assessment reports for each student